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Tuition & Fees

At Maine College of Art, we understand that finances are often one of the most important considerations for students and families when making a college decision.  Listed below are the published costs for full-time BFA degree students. These figures are the maximum amount a student pays to attend our college. MECA is committed to doing all it can to make a high quality art education accessible to all students. 

Most of our students receive significant scholarship and grant support from the college.  The average tuition cost after MECA grants and scholarships are applied is $18,000.  Additional federal and state grants and scholarships are applied based on eligibility.  The level of financial aid support provided is based on your demonstrated financial need and  the quality of your artwork and academic achievement.  It is important to us to make our education available to students from a broad range of backgrounds, therefore we will work with you and your family to make it possible for you to attain the education you deserve and the career you seek after graduation.

Tuition and Fees (2015-16)


Full Time


Full Time


Part Time
Tuition $15,780 $31,560 $1,315/per credit hour
Fees $50 one-time transcript fee $50 one-time transcript fee $50 one-time transcript fee
Technology &
Services Fee
$340 $680 $340/ per semester
Total $16,170 $32,290 varies by person

All incoming students are billed a one time $50.00 fee which entitles a student to send transcripts at any time in the future at no charge. There are some additional studio fees charged. These studio fees vary depending on the major field of study. In addition to studio fees, students are responsible for purchasing supplies. The figures for room and board vary depending on individual needs and choices. Commuting students living at home may save some room and board expenses over the campus resident.

Additional Fees


Full Time


Full Time


Part Time

Mandatory Health

$1325 (spring only)

 $1950 (estimate)


Lab Fees (average) 



varies by person        

On Campus Room & Board

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$5,436 (estimate)                  

$10,872 (estimate)          

(not available)

Books, Art Supplies

$625 (estimate)

$1250 (estimate)

varies by person


$500 (estimate)

$1000 (estimate)

varies by person


 $550 (estimate)

 $1100 (estimate)

varies by person

50 Meals plus $50 MECA BUCKS $445
available to off-campus students only

*To waive this fee, please visit  Please note, the waiver for 2015/16 will not be available until June 2015.


Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the college during a semester may be eligible for a refund. A refund is a reduction in the original tuition and housing charges, rather than a portion of the amount already paid to the college. The withdrawal date is established by the receipt of a written withdrawal notice by the Registrar's Office. 

  Fall Spring    Percentage of Refund                         
Withdraw by                       8.28.15                 1.10.16                     100%  
Exit form filed by        9.8.15 1.19.16  75%  
Exit form filed by  9.15.15 1.26.16  40%  
No refund after 9.15.15 1.26.16  0%  

Payment Schedule
May 1 is the uniform reply date for the $300 enrollment fee to reserve a space in the Fall semester. It is a non-refundable enrollment fee. We continue to accept deposits after May 1 on a space available basis.

Tuition and fees are billed by semester. The balance due, after deducting any financial aid or loans, must be paid four weeks prior to start of classes. The College also offers a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management System (TMS). The Business Office sends literature about TMS payment plans directly to students during the summer. For more information on payment plans available through Tuition Management Systems, visit

Federal Aid Recipients

Students who withdraw and receive federal financial aid will be subject to return of Title IV funds and/or repayment of unearned aid as specified in 34 CFR 668.22.  Maine College of Art uses the Return of Title IV Funds for Withdrawn Students online program designed by the U. S. Department of Education to calculate the return and late disbursement of Title IV funds.