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You can’t contain it, classify it or label it— and perhaps that’s why its our broadest major. Digital Media attracts an eclectic group of artists whose work can’t be constrained by a single category. Maybe your art involves video installations, animation, or game design. Maybe it’s about computer animation or interactive art. Maybe it blurs the lines, combining forms of art that have never before merged together. Stop-motion animation, animatronics and acoustic experimentation all find a home here. The defining element that links all Digital Media majors together is the love of technology and discovery.

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George LaRou

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1995-2010 Associate - Professor/ Chair of Graphic Design and then Digital Media at Maine College of Art. 1991-95 Assistant-Associate Professor/ Graduate Faculty Member, Eastern Michigan University.  Guest Critic/Lecturer; Yale University - Graduate Program in Graphic Design, Jan Van Eyck Academie, Center for Creative Studies, Fabrica, University of Southern Maine.
Significant web awards/collections: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Permanent Archive, Communication Arts Web 100, Macromedia Media Site of the Day (four times), Communication Arts site of the Week, High Five, Digital Threads.  
Web Clients:  Walker Art Center, Colors Magazine, Timberland, MTV online, Maine Museum of Photographic Arts. Professional Print
Publications: Web Graphics Now, Bis, Netherlands. Internet Design Project, Creative Reviews, London. Hot Screen, Tawian. 3 American Center for Design 100 Annuals, Typography Now vol. 2, Eye Magazine, Metropolis, I.D., Print Magazine.
Published: Road Side Culture, The Herb Lubalin Center at The Cooper Union. Gallery Exhibitions 1990-2009: American Center for Design 100 Show (three times), The Cooper Union, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Washtinaw College, MECA ICA.

MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Wasserman Scholarship
BFAs in Photography and Graphic Design, Portland School of Art
BA, University of Southern Maine.

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Digital Media Faculty - George Larou

Brad Werley '09

Werley '09
Denver, PA

When I was going into a major, I was wondering if I could continue to do this because it doesn’t really fall under one of the majors.  George (Professor George LaRou) was completely supportive.  I use digital equipment as a tool, so it seemed natural that the Digital Media was right.  It’s puppetry, but it’s also animation.

I do every part of it.  I draw the storyboard, build the puppets, find or make the props, build the sets , paint the sets, and then shoot from a digital camera and edit digitally.

It really is.  I shoot 24 to 30 photos for every second of video, and go through every shot, so patience is important.

I use s digital format, but I don’t use all the shortcuts of technology. To pan, I actually create the motion one frame at a time, rather than creating the motion as a digital effect.

I can’t express the feeling of seeing my characters moving around and having a personality. They come to life. They become their own beings.


What are some of the career paths for someone who majors in Digital Media ?
Many of our students find work in the animation and gaming fields. A fair number have started successful companies in the fields of smart phone Apps, documentary film, web design, and rich media. Some work as Graphic Designers, or as Artists launching their own recording and digital art projects.

How do you prepare your students for the real world?
Students learn to write an artist’s statement, professional resume, cover letter and artist’s bio. Students learn to seek out and research opportunities in the field through the use of the internet, professional organizations, publications and periodicals. Students create a portfolio of work targeted to their specific interests in the world of digital media. Students learn how to use social media and evolving web technologies effectively in the promotion and distribution of their work. Students have an awareness of the transferability and versatility of their education into the related fields of new media, motion design, web design, art direction, and the ability to explore ideas outside the discipline, including teaching.

What are some examples of what your alums are doing?
Stop Motion Animation Technician, Animation Teacher, Live Event and Video Producer, 3D Environment Artist, Feature Film Animator, Art director / Game Artist, App Designer (iOS), Chief Creative Officer, Project Manager (at a game company), Interaction Developer, Artist Assistant

What are the prerequisites to major in Digital Media ?
Students take Digital Imaging and Digital Film Making in their foundation. They also take a New Media Elective appropriate to their level or area of interest.

Will I be able to incorporate other media or interests with my work as a Digital Media major?
Definitely. You will be required to take a range of courses from other areas that match your specific area of interest. Students often take courses in Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Sculpture, and Painting.

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