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Woodworking and furniture design have deep New England roots - a tradition of transforming Mainegrown timber into functional artwork. At MECA, you’ll quickly move beyond basic woodworking skills into designing and crafting complete projects. You’ll learn to take your concepts from sketch to technical drawings, find your raw materials at the local lumberyard, mill them down to the required size and then get creative with steaming, bending, planing and joinery, using both classic and modern tools. The knowledge and connections you make here will prepare you for a career in wood craftsmanship—part of the next generation of talented New England-trained artists.

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Avery Kibler


Avery Kibler, currently a Junior majoring in Woodworking and Furniture Design first came to Maine College of Art in 2012. Kibler ultimately decided to see what MECA had to offer because of a recommendation from his High School teacher who spoke highly of MECA’s experimental environment.

When it came to picking a major, Kibler decided on Woodworking and Furniture Design because he felt that it constantly pushed him in a new creative direction. He says, “Woodworking allowed me to hone my craft, as well as experiment with my aesthetics.”

Kibler has been focusing on making stringed instruments such as guitars since his Freshman year and hopes to continue this process into his Senior year. He is inspired by the knowledge that he is creating a functional piece of art and that someone else can in turn create art with it. On his experience at Maine College of Art Kibler says “MECA has been a 110% change in my life. Everything I did in high school doesn’t compare to what I am doing and learning now. I feel like I am set to be an artist for the rest of my life.”


Erika (Hoffman) Melhus '08

(Hoffman) Melhus '08
Washington D.C

Living in Stavanger, Norway since 2008
Working at Tjerand Fine Fumiture in Szmdnes, Norway as a designer and maker of custom high quality furniture since 2009.

I greatly loved the four years I spent at MECA. Everything from the classes to the community put me into a creative lifestyle. I especially enjoyed the ability to cross discipline my education. I, as well as my work, benefited greatly by having the ability and support to explore multiple mediums and creative processes. In combination with the great communal atmosphere that surrounds MECA. lt was an amazing place to study and live. My career is greatly benefited by the diverse education I received from MECA, and all of the great faculty that helped to develop my work and my creative process,


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