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Environment / Conservation

Environmental Awareness Policy

Sodexo's Environmental Action Program is complex and multifaceted, offering solid information and tools to make our customers, clients, employees, and society at large aware of environmental problems and how they can help. This is a "living program" with an open-door policy: We will add to, amend, update and keep our programs current through publications, posters, newsletters and similar marketing and communication materials. Our program will be enhanced as new information is discovered and as we hear suggestions from our customers and clients.The following are key steps we follow to maximizing the impact we can make with our environmental programs:

1. Use a Waste Stream Audit to identify the key campus opportunities.

2. Review the audit summary with our customers and ask for your direction.

3. Solicit campus support.Develop an action plan to focus on the initial issues.

4. Draw together a task force of interested parties and delegate tasks.

5. Meet with the task force and review progress as necessary. Support the objectives of the task force as needed.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Sodexo has been an active member of industry coalitions which encourage legislators, manufacturers and consumers to jointly develop rational, not reactionary, strategies to today's environmental needs. We select our manufacturing partners watchfully. Fort Howard, our largest contracted supplier of paper, napkins, tissue and towels, uses recycled fiber exclusively in the manufacturing process. Mobil Chemical, our primary contracted source for plastic can liners, uses from 30% to 90% recycled materials in their plastic liners.

Sweetheart Cup, Solo Cup, Amoco, Dart and Mobil all use pre-recycled material in the manufacture of foam plates, bowls and food containers. Sodexo will continue to form alliances with business organizations that are ecologically sound and responsible. W e will continue to work with consumer organizations, governmental agencies and industry groups to implement new strategies and tactics as they evolve. We will actively participate in the long-range planning process at the local and national levels to ensure that our environment and economy are protected for future generations to come.

Recycle Mug Program

The average American produces 3.5 pounds of garbage every day. This equates to 1,300 pounds of garbage per year for every man, woman and child in the U.S. And we're running out of places to put that garbage. Sodexo is committed to working together with our customers, clients and manufacturers to reduce that waste and to build a better environment for ourselves and our future generations. Our most successful and generous support comes with our national Recycle Mug program. Not only does use of this mug substantial- ly reduce waste, but every sale of the mug directly benefits the health of our nation's fish and wildlife and their respective habitats. We market this Recycle Mug program to colleges and universities across North America in partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

The Recycle Mugs will offer discounted prices for refills of coffee and carbonated soft drinks to encourage more frequent use and reduce waste. Sodexo will donate $.15 from the proceeds of every mug sold to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The results have been outstanding. Since the inception of this program in 1993, more than 800,000 cups have been purchased and over $200,000.00 presented to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. This money helps support the nonprofit foundation's goals of environmental education, natural resource management, habitat protection and ecosystem restoration.

"The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation relies upon public and private support to fund conservation projects. We applaud Sodexo and those who have purchased the Refill Mug for becoming active partners in our conservation efforts," said Amos Eno, Executive Director of the Foundation.

"Purchasing a Refill Mug takes just a minute, but the funds raised through each sale support projects that will preserve and protect the environment for years to come. Sodexo's Refill Mug program is an exemplary partnership because it facilitates the involvement of many individuals in environmental protection and provides the seed money necessary for conservation projects across the country."

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