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Joshua Reiman Glass Houses

Professor Joshua Reiman Featured in Hyperallergic

Posted: 2015-11-20

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Installation view of “Rock and Roll” (2015) by Joshua Reiman at Napoleon Gallery (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

Assistant Professor of the MFA in Studio Art + Sculpture, Joshua Reiman, has a review of his show "Glass Houses" in HyperAllergic. 

"Glass Houses is a thought-provoking and meditative show that draws in the viewer, but only up to a point — purposefully. The vitrines create a sense of disconnect and distance between the viewer and the realities depicted — often of pain, death, destruction, and time — and they remind the viewer that even though the best art connects us to experiences we do not have and worlds we have not visited, there is always a lingering gap between what exists in the world and how closely the viewer can truly grasp it. The job of art is to attempt to bridge that gap, and Glass Houses is a strong argument in favor of straddling that line." 

—"From Henry Clay Frick to Gilded Matzah, Observing the World in Glass Cases", Deborah Krieger

Read the entire article here.