Writing, Art & Music

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By consciously focusing on art and music together, we can create new art forms. At MECA, we create the cutting edge.

        –Don Tuski, Ph.D., President

The 2014 MECA Spring Music Festival featured musical and visual from students, alumni and Portland’s creative community. Waco Sparkler (live performance visual art pictured here by members Savanna Pettengill ’14, and Jack Reynolds of Dover, NH), is an analogue electronic performance act that seeks to activate multiple senses, always involving sight and sound. 

Explore the Intersection of Art and Music 

The Bob Crewe Program in Art and Music will enable students to explore the deep relationship between art and music. This program is made possible by the largest gift in the College’s 132 year history, a $3 million bequest from the Bob Crewe Foundation. This program is unique in that it is fundamentally embedded into the Art and Design program, not separated from it. The goals of the program are to foster experimentation in art and music, to support significant contributions to popular musical expression, and to do both in a way that encourages cross-disciplinarity. The program, working in tandem with MECA’s rigorous visual arts offerings, will prepare students to be truly interdisciplinary musicians, performers, sound artists, artists and thinkers. 

Learn the Art of Writing

This 18-credit Writing Minor, which is comprised of a diverse range of creative and expository writing courses, will allow students to further enrich their artistic journey while developing exceptional communication and deep reading skills. In the Writing Workshop, which is the capstone experience, students will complete a peer-edited, personal writing project—novel, graphic novel, screenplay, poetry compilation, memoir, essay—with the goal of publication.